About Us

Work to provide members with the knowledge, inspirational, 

computational, and physical resources, required to learn

about and innovate with artificial intelligence.

Foster an open and inclusive environment, to not only produce a happy and healthy community but to reinforce the inspirational atmosphere we hope to provide.

Encourage interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration, to explore the artificial intelligence applications in any industry.

How We Work


Ask yourself "How can AI improve my life and/or the life of others?". 

Come up with a way to accomplish your answer, and connect with people who think the same way.

Join or form a group, and pursue it!


Medical Imaging or Data Diagnosis, Healthcare Process Optimization, Bio-metric Data Analytics... 


Investing, Business Optimization, Marketing, Employee Recruitment, Customer Care and Acquisition...


Process Optimization, Usage Prediction, Climate/Natural Impact Prediction...


Art, Digital Cinematography, Image Construction and Manipulation...


Quality of Life Improvement, Event Organization, Networking, Relationships, Infrastructure...


Cyber Security, Facial-recognition, Natural Disaster Prediction...

And so many more!

What The AI Initiative Offers


We look to build a community of like minded people interested in AI development and innovation. Through this community, you will have the opportunity to connect with educators, researchers, and other individuals exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Beyond helping connect people with one another, and to learn and innovate with AI, we hope to produce a pathway for people into the work of the future, with AI experience.


After helping people connect, we hope to help teams and individuals find the resources necessary to innovate with AI. Whether it is data, data storage, computational power, and/or meeting space, we will work with you to acquire what you need.  

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